Why It's So Important To Campaign For Presidential Pardons

Posted on: 23 February 2019


When you're caught up in the responsibilities of your hectic daily schedule it's sometimes difficult to take a broader view of things. With so much activity taking place inside the confines of your own home, there could be little time left over for you to really think about the world at large and how different people are experiencing their everyday life. However, there are people out there who are imprisoned for reasons that might not be what they appear on the surface. These individuals need a voice and a great way for you to get involved is to campaign for presidential pardons. 

A Presidential Pardon Can Cast A Different Light On An Innocent Person

Some people who are sentenced to extended periods in prison end up in the position simply because their case wasn't reviewed properly. Maybe the person didn't have the money for a good lawyer and the public defender who represented them may have had too many other cases on their books to really devote the in-depth research to a single person's plight. This could mean that the defendant is locked away for a long time with no end in sight.

When you sign petitions for presidential pardons and take the time to really throw your full weight of support behind a select group of inmates who have caught your attention, your concern and practical action could be enough to have the case reexamined by an objective party. Maybe there are many factors that were initially left out and if those components were to be carefully looked at by a legal professional the public just might start to see the inmate in a totally different light which eventually attracts the attention of the president and ends with the person being released.

Presidential Pardons Change Lives

Imagine being convicted of a crime and receiving an unfair sentence. The situation would likely feel unreal and unless you had a strong support system around you it might feel pointless to even keep moving forward.

You have the power to possibly change the entire course of another person's life by getting behind presidential pardons. Something as small as signing your name on a petition could be the tipping point which gets the ball moving in the right direction for some imprisoned individual across the country.

Now is the perfect time for you to get involved. For example, you could support Lt Clint Lorance or other military-oriented inmates who are seeking a pardon and make your voice count.