No Water? You Might Have One Of These Common Private Well Problems

Posted on: 1 June 2017


Having a home that uses a private well for water can save you money on utility bills. However, if you're like some homeowners, you may be unfamiliar with how a well system works and not understand what's happening if you start to see a weak flow of water inside the home. You might have one of the following private well problems if your water flow just isn't as strong as it once was.

Pump Cracks

If you wake one morning in the winter and turn on the water only to find a weak stream trickling out, you might wonder if you're dealing with a burst pipe somewhere in the walls. However, the problem could be related to your private well. In fact, the pump itself may have cracked in the middle of the night because the water inside of it became too cold and froze.

Pump cracks typically necessitate the purchase of a brand new pump for your well. To ensure that the new one doesn't crack as well, you might need to construct a small enclosed structure around it. A heater for the area may also be in order.

Inadequate Pump Size

The pump and well can be working fabulously until you add a new bathroom or otherwise have a higher use of water inside the home. The pump may just be too small to pump as vigorously to all interior spaces, causing water flow to seem much weaker. You might need a stronger and larger size in order to increase water pressure.

Cave In

Another common occurrence that can cause trouble is that the soil walls of the well simply collapse. The water inside the well turns to mud, and the pump is no longer able to move the sludge. You will need to have the pump thoroughly cleaned and are likely to need a new well placement.

Shallow Well

If your well did cave-in and a new one was created, you may still continue to have problems. When that happens, the reason could be that the new well wasn't dug as deeply as it should be. As a result, the pump might not be able to pump adequate water into the house. You may need to have a pro come out and re-dig.

If you are experiencing weak water flow, it's likely you have one or more of the private well problems above. A local well drilling business can send someone out and give you a better idea of what's going on and how the situation can be resolved.

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